Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the land Minjerribah, Peace Prosperity and Healing, Sacred Treaty Circles

An introduction to the treaty circles

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Video – “Australians can treaty with Aboriginal people”
Bejam addressing the World Parliament of Religions, Melbourne 2009

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The Sacred Treatry Circles are a framework for learning and empowerment leading to restoration of social order and ecological health.

The Treaty process links the processes of political action (treaty, recognition of customary law) to spiritual healing, mental health and addressing social dysfunction. It is transmitted and manifested through cross – cultural education and empowerment of elders, men, women and children within their own spheres of learning, authority and discipline.

The treaty framework is structured in five circles of authority, discipline and learning.
• Treaty Circle
• Elders Circle
• Women’s Circle
• Men’s Circle
• Initiation Circle

An introduction to the treaty circles
Beyond Terra Nullius the lie
Ontology and Sacred Treaty Circles Framework

A statement by Bejam Kunmunara Jarlow Nunukel Kabool, son of Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the land Minjerriba to the inaugural meeting of the Black G.S.T. (Genocide, Sovereignty, Treaty) public meeting, Trades Hall, Carlton on May 18 2005……

“I was here as an observer, to see what’s going on here, and its good to see that some people are conscious enough to know what’s going on around the place.

But what I would like to do, is to take it further than just being conscious about what’s going on around the place and protesting about it. To the point where we do something in terms of solving those things that are happening, despite what they do. And in terms of that I just like to clear up one point in terms of my perception of what our land rights is all about, in terms of threatening your freehold title.

My way of looking at it is we don’t threaten the freehold title, what we do is threaten the radical title of this country. If any of yous know law, the Government pretends to hold that radical title… pretends, illegally to hold the radical title to country. It is not their radical title, it is ours, they’ve taken it by force of arms, illegally without consent and Robbie [Thorpe]’s already told you about the consent factor.

In terms of securing your freehold title, I would suggest that you treaty in with us so that we can realize our radical title and validate your freehold title. If you can work that out at law, that’s what it’s all about. In terms of doing that, I’ve devised a treaty mechanism whereby you can treaty in and I’m saying because Cook was instructed by his Sovereign to get consent from the Natives, and they didn’t. They came in, tried to genocide with small-pox so there would be Terra Nullius, their ‘wet dream’ would come true and it would be peaceful settlement, but it didn’t happen quite like that … but the genocide goes on regardless.

And as long as we are denied our sovereignty… our radical title, your freehold title is under threat, not from us, but from the environmental madness of the government who has stolen it from us. This country is going dead fast, like you’re not just genociding us you’re genociding country too. And yous are going to suffer the same consequences, so what I’m saying is in terms of doing treaty with us, now, so that we can realize our radical title, you save yourselves in the long run. And if you want to do that, let’s do it.

Thank you, bye!”

“Son of Mine”
by  the Late Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the land Minjerriba (1920 – 1993)

For Denis

My son, your troubled eyes search mine,
Puzzled and hurt by colour line.
Your black skin soft as velvet shine;
What can I tell you, son of mine?

I could tell you of heartbreak, hatred blind,
I could tell of crimes that shame mankind,
Of brutal wrong and deeds malign,
Of rape and murder, son of mine;

But I’ll tell instead of brave and fine
When lives of black and white entwine,
And men in brotherhood combine-
This would I tell you, son of mine.


Bejam Kunmunara Jarlow Nunukel Kabool, son of Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the land Minjerriba from Moongalba via Goompi, Minjerriba, Quandamooka.

Bejam is carrying on the work of his mother Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, custodian of the land Minjerriba and one of Australia’s most famous writer and poet. She was also a key figure in national Aboriginal movements of last century. Oodgeroo established Moongalba as an education and cultural centre where she shared her culture with many non-Aboriginal people including an estimated 13,000 school students. Today Moongalba is Oodgeroos final resting place.

One of Oodgeroo’s poems ‘Son of Mine’ was written to and for her eldest son Bejam. The poem foresees a time when the “lives of black and white entwine”. In keeping with this and Oodgeroo’s “Dont hate, educate!” philosophy, Bejam established the “Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal, custodian of the land Minjerriba, peace, prosperity and healing, Sacred TREATY Circles”. In response to Aboriginal deaths in custody, Bejam was a driving force in the development of the cultural heritage education program which began in Boggo Road Gaol. He asserts that the treaty process is the next step of the struggle for survival, not just for Aboriginal Australia but for all people.

He is an activist, writer and community worker in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations. He has played an active and significant role in the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services both locally and nationally since the 1970s.

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