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Lex Wotton trial update

Lex Wotton is presently before the court charged with leading a riot on Palm Island, a charge that carries a life sentence.

At the time of writing the Jury has retired to consider their decision. More updates as information emerges.

The best places to follow the story are the National Indigenous Times

and Workers Bush Telegraph

Palm Islanders burnt down the Police complex on the Island after hearing that the first coronors report into the death of Mulrunji Doomagee which identified massive internal injuries but dismissed the death as an accident. A second coroners report said the death of Mulrunji was caused by the police officer, Chris Hurley.

The fire on Palm Island lead to a national and international protest at the killing and Chris Hurley not facing charges. Hurley was later charged and aquitted but the investigation into the death, which was conducted by Hurley’s friend and not in accordance with proper procedure, is still wrapped up in the bureacracy waiting to be investigated. In Lex Wotton’s trial this same officer admitted to lying about a previous investigation into an incident where Hurley ran over a woman and broke her leg. Mulrunji’s family are also taking civil action against Hurley over the death based on the second coroners report. Chris Hurley is taking legal action to dismiss the coroners findings.

Background to Lex Wotton Trial

Palm Island

Racism in Townsville and the Palm Island riot court case


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