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Algonquin Nation – recent developments

Posted in Aboriginal, genocide, indigenous, invasion, reconciliation, sovereignty by John T. on November 7, 2008

All: She:kon: On Monday, November 3, 2008, at 9:30 a.m., a group of spiritual warriors, twenty strong, converged on the Quebec Courthouse in Manawaki, Quebec, armed with nothing more than their convictions, clothed in nothing more than their sovereignty and dignity, and with no fear whatsoever of potential arrest (especially the elders/defendants), despite the real potentiality of arrest. As you all know, in September of this year, several Algonquin Elders (and others) were arrested by Quebec Police (the “SQ”) under Canadian Law for peacefully blocking a logging road on their unquestioned territory to prevent logging trucks from passing (they were virtually certain of their arrest and intentionally doused themselves with skunk oils – as well as some of the arresting police officers). Clearly, Canadian Law does not apply on Algonquin Territory and the SQ has no authority to enter onto Algonquin sovereign territory absent the consent of the Sovereign Algonquin Nation. As you all also know, a Proclamation of The One Nation and the Algonquin Nation was drafted and signed by the Algonquin Nation, the Mi’gmaq Nation, the Metis Nation, and 2 Choctaw Nations, to proclaim the Sovereignty of the Algonquin Nation and The One Nation on the Algonquin traditional territory, determining that the SQ was without jurisdiction to either onto Algonquin territory or to make arrests of anyone on Algonquin Territory (i attach the Proclamation for those of you who may not yet have read it). The Proclamation was served on Canada in Ottawa through its Attorney General and was served on Quebec through its Crown Attorney in Manawaki on the morning of November 3. At the actual hearing, 2 Algonquin Elders, Rose Wawatie-Beaudoin and Jake Wawatie, stood up before the Court , as equals to the Judge, to state that they stood as Elders/Representatives of the Traditional Governing Body of the Algonquin Nation in the place of those who had been arrested and that the Algonquin Nation was not submitting to the jurisdiction of the Court for the reasons stated in the Proclamation (namely, because Canada has no right under international law to arrest anyone on Algonquin Territory for violation of Canadian Law, without the consent of the Algonquin Nation, which was not granted). The Elected Council (as opposed to the traditional governing elders) also signed the Proclamation through its elected Chief, Casey Ratt. The Court could have arrested the defendants, but chose not to. rather the Court adjourned the hearing until January 5, 2009, to give the Court time to review the Proclamation. At some point during the proceeding, i stood up to assist the Elders in their presentation. In short, it was an amazing victory, much easier than anyone had anticipated. Hence, The One Nation has until January 5, 2009, within which to formalize its Native Court, to draft its Constitution, and the Algonquin Nation has until January 5, 2009, within which to re-establish its Traditional Governing Circle of Elders in the traditional way (Chiefs, Clan Mothers, etc.), to appoint Judges (The One Nation too), draft internal laws for natural resources, hunting, trapping, fishing, logging, gun use, mischievous conduct and the like, to promulgate Court Procedures, and, in short, to prepare all paperwork to evidence a true Nation. We have all taken a huge step forward and i believe that we owe a debt of gratitude to the courageous Elders and others who appeared in Court on November 3, not knowing whether it meant immediate arrest and imprisonment for contempt of the Quebec Judge’s Orders. i surely wish that all could have been there to witness the event. Much work ahead for all of us. May the Creator continue to help and guide us. By copy of this email, i am specifically requesting the Professor Kly provide some guidance on which International Court we might access in the event that becomes necessary on January 5. Peace and Love. Onenkiwahi! Tony P.


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