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Living on Aboriginal Land – Melbourne workshop

Posted in Aboriginal, Australia, genocide, indigenous, invasion, reconciliation, sovereignty, spirituality, treaty by John T. on November 17, 2008

Urban Seed invite you to join us for

“Living on Aboriginal Land”
A workshop with Baganan Kurityityin Theresa Creed and John Tracey

This workshop challenges non-Aboriginal participants to explore the relevance of concepts such as land rights, native title, sovereignty, reconciliation, treaty, self-determination, Aboriginal deaths in custody, customary law, traditional owner etc. to their own life on this country.
It explores ways in which non-Aboriginal people can support Aboriginal Australia.
The workshop offers no easy answers, only difficult questions.

6pm, Tuesday November 25th
@ “The Den” 116 Little Bourke St. Melbourne
(between Russell St. And Exhibition St. on the north side of the street)

Baganan is a Kalkadoon and Pitta Pitta woman. She was born on Woorabinda Mission and her parents were removed as children from their homelands and sent to Palm Island under the Queensland’s notorious Aboriginal protection regime. She discusses where her family come from, how they ended up in the mission system and what effect the mission system has had on her, her family and Aboriginal people in general. She presents issues such as poverty, the stolen generation, stolen wages, and cultural healing from a personal perspective.

John is a non-Aboriginal Australian who has been involved in Aboriginal support work since the Land Rights protests associated with the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982. John will provide an overview of White Australia’s history including the frontier wars, the protection laws and present day indigenous policy. John is a member of the “Oodgeroo of the Tribe Noonuccal, Custodian of the Land Minjerriba, Peace, Prosperity and Healing, Sacred Treaty Circles”, based on Minjerriba (Stradbroke Island). He will discuss this process as a specific model of non-Aboriginal support for Aboriginal Australia.

For more info please contact Virginia at Urban Seed v.moebusnelson@gmail.com or 9650-8034


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  1. Rebekah Copas said, on November 18, 2008 at 3:51 am

    Hi, you post says “this process as a specific model of non-Aboriginal support for Aboriginal Australia”.

    I am wondering if there is any possibility of obtaining more information about your specific process, from up here in Brisbane where I am.

    I have my own set of ideas about being white and supporting Aboriginal Australians, but my own experience is quite strongly determined by having been at the Corroboree at Kurnell in ’88, and having experienced Aboriginal men pointing out the signs in me myself, of indigenous ancestry. So I have focussed my own learning within traditionally oriented contexts, after many years first of learning the real history of invasion, and also learning my white ancestor’s history, and how to prevent that being a burden on traditional culture.

    I wonder if the workshop you are conducting is something which I will be able to participate in organising similar sessions of up here in Brisbane.


  2. John T. said, on November 18, 2008 at 5:19 am

    Hello Rebekah,

    Treaty circles has a national agenda but it is based in Brisbane. Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) to be precise.

    The workshop in Melbourne is just an introduction to the issues, it is itself not part of “the process”. it will explore the process, which you can find out a bit more about on the following pages on this site

    The front page – an introduction to the treaty circles

    The Agenda

    Get involved

    The centrepiece of the treaty process is the Cultural Heritage Education Program (CHEP)
    https://treatynow.wordpress.com/cultural-heritage-education-program-chep/ (The site is new and there will be more info in the near future.

    The CHEP has manifested in the past as a structured education program – in prisons, at universities and in the community.

    The CHEP is the same for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants, part of it is to explore our own dreaming whoever we are.

    Beyond the structured programs, the CHEP continues in an ongoing way through the 5 treaty circles (men, women, elders, initiation and treaty).

    CHEP and treaty circles are not about an academic or ideological exploration (but there is lots of heavy intellectual stuff). It is about manifesting, in how we live our lives, the Aboriginal Sovereignty and customary law of the land on which we live.

    What Bejam and the Treaty Circles want to do now is, as well as offering the CHEP to whoever wants it, is to establish a permanant CHEP on dry-camps on Minjerribah, not just to cater to the needs of South East Qld/ Murries but also to develop a model that can be applied anywhere.

    I am prepared to give an introductory talk anywhere if my transport costs can be covered.

    Bejam or a member of the Noonuccal are available for lectures and cultural performances – but a fee or offering must be paid.

    A structured CHEP is available for anyone who can get funding for one.

    There is much labour and money needed to build the Minjerribah dry-camps.

    If you see any possibilities in any of this, contact me at kurityityin@yahoo.com

    John Tracey

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