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Support/Get Involved

If you would like to support the work of the Treaty Circles or get involved in them, please consider the following possibilities.

1/ donate money or resources (see prayer list) to support “The Agenda”

Make cheque or money order out to Denis Walker and post it to P.O. Box 296 Point Lookout 4183

or deposit into the account

ANZ bank
account name – Walker, Denis Bruce
branch – 014231
account – 531298627

Please send an email to kurityityin@yahoo.com giving details of money sent.

Prayer list – resources needed for Minjerriba dry camps and Cultural Heritage Education program.

Money – for the restoration and upgrading of Moongalba
– to create pilot CHEP programs prior to government funding
– to create programs not covered by government funding guidelines
– To resource elders to “do the business” to bring about “The Agenda” on Minjerriba
– To facilitate regional and national sovereignty business

Vehicles – Ute, Minibus and campervan
– boats

Buildings – steel sheds
-ablution blocks

2/ Become a treaty member and involved in the ongoing process. Each Treaty member contributes in difference ways depending on their skills and resources. The terms of each individual treaty are discussed during an initial conversation or training event with Bejam or his appointed representatives.

If you would like to be part of the treaty process please send an email to kurityityin@yahoo.com for more information.


A treaty between:
and their descendants either part or full blood inasmuch as they identify as such and are recognised as such by the _______________________ people
Upon agreement, as stated herein of such a Treaty, the people resolve to forgive the following mutually recognised atrocities:-
1.The claiming of the territory of the _________ by Captain Cook in 1770 was an act of undeclared war and aggression by England. Not only was this action immoral, it was also illegal in that Cook did not follow the instructions given to him by King George III. Those instructions were:-
“You are also with the CONSENT of the natives to take possession of convenient situations in the county in the name of the King of Great Britain, or, if you find the country uninhabited, take possession for His Majesty by setting up proper marks and inscriptions, as first discoverers and possessors.”
No CONSENT has been given at any time by the people.
2. The refusal of the settlers/invaders, represented by their governments, agencies, institutions, etc., to:
a) recognise the sovereignty of the ________________ nation;
b) recognise and combat the racist oppression of the ________________ people;
c) educate themselves of the_________economic, political, social and cultural systems;
d) honour their own laws in respect to a fair trial by our own peer group, as stated in their basic principles in the Magna Carta.
3.The rounding up of our people and confining us to reserves and missions and thus denying us the natural way of life, diet and health, while refusing alternate and adequate diets or health care. In the process of this forced unnatural living and subsequent breakdown of our economic, political, social and cultural systems, a great inhumanity has been done to us.
4.The aforementioned is recognised as a blatant attempt at physical, cultural and psychological genocide of our people.
The Agreement
The signing of this TREATY and all conditions embodied within is to be recognised on the basis that the territory of ____________ has never been sold, and will never be sold to anyone.
We the ___________ cannot sell any of our territory because we are the Custodians for the generation past and future. We are prepared to lease. Within the Lease will be limits.
Dated ______________ Day of _______________ Two thousand and _______________
____________________________ ______________________________ WITNESS WITNESS


Lease between the _______________________ of ____________________
being the Lessor, and _______________________ being the Lessee
hereby agree that;
The Lessee ensures that no further damage will be done to the
territories specified in this Lease.

The Lessee ensures that the National Aboriginal Flag be flown at specific
times: __________________
and in specific places: _____________________

The Lessee will pay $ ____ or in kind by way of ___________________
per ___________ for the area described as _______________
for the period of _________

That and disputes between the Lessee and the Lessor will be heard by the Baiame and the Rainbow Serpent moving.
Dated ____________________ Day of _____________________
Two Thousand and _________________
_____________________________ ______________________________
_____________________________ ______________________________

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